Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Student Success

In order to succeed here at ASU it is crucial that you have time management skills, organizational skills, and know how to be proactive. When it comes to time management skills it is important because in order to complete all your assignments on time and submit them to the best of your ability you need to make time for each assignment or test. When you manage your time it can relieve stress and leads you to be more successful.

Having time management skills is apart of being organized. When one who is organized it leads to less complications and leaves more time open for other things. One example of being organized is to have a planner where you can write each assignment and the due date and also any exam or event that you have. Having a planner can help show you how much time you have to complete each of these tasks.

Lastly being proactive can help you succeed here at ASU. Being proactive can assist you by making sure you have enough time. When you are proactive you make sure you have things done ahead of time and have a positive outlook on things. This will help you by relieving stress and if you finish your assignment ahead of time you are able to go back and make corrections to it.

There are many other things that can help you be a successful student here at ASU such as forming a study group, take advantage of the time you are using to do nothing and use the time to study (such as the time you have between classes).

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