Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Libraries at ASU

In this lesson I learned very vital information that will help me along during my years here at ASU. While watching the presentation I learned that the libraries at each campus are open for any Arizona State University student. Also I was educated on the fact that each library shares the same electronic source. Additionally, if you have information that needs to be sent from one library to another it indeed can be done.

When using ASU library system it allows you to use books, journals, articles that all are written by scholars. Unlike google or wikipedia Arizona State University provides you with credible information. Google and wikipedia are not reliable and anyone can post information that is not credible or accurate. As stated by Marc Mason "google or wikipedia may need verification and that there may be unverified claims." On the other hand research databases hold verified information that is reliable.” When writing a paper you do not want to use information that is not reliable or is not written from a scholar.

In this lesson I also found this information to be very valuable because it gave you a map to each library ASU has to offer. Even though there are libraries that are generated for a specific field, you are still able to use there resources. Lastly I became associated with ask a librarian, you are able to email 24/7 with any question or concern and you can chat with them online Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. I found this to be very helpful and I know I will take advantage of this.

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