Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Academic Integrity

I believe that academic integrity is a very essential part of succeeding here at ASU. At the University the student academic integrity policy states “each student must act with honesty and integrity, and must respect the rights of others in carrying out all academic assignments.”

If one disobeys this policy they receive what is called an XE grade. When you receive an XE the grade stays on your official transcript. The only way one is able to this grade removed is by a petition to the Dean. Also when you receive this grade it unfortunately keeps you from participating in extracurricular activities. Additionally the worst thing they may come out of this grade is you can be expelled from ASU.

In each course your professor may have a different college policy than your professors from previous years. It is always good to know your teachers policy, the program or department offering the course, the college offering the course and lastly Arizona State University. A program or department may have different polices from one another just like professors may have policies that differ from one another.

As stated by Don Galer “Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do.” I think this is very well said because academic integrity can be found in all of those aspects. Lastly you should remember that at ASU everything is considered cheating. If you consider cheating and think there is not a chance to you being caught you better think again, and think of the consequences being brought to you from just cheating one time.

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