Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Global Engagement

Becoming globally engaged is very crucial in today’s society. Why becoming globally engaged is so important because it can reduce problems that are occurring today like the water crisis or wars that are taking place. When countries become globally engaged it makes everything so much easier, and less complicated.

For example the water crisis can not only be helped by one individual country it is going to take the effort of every country. If we want something to be done we need to all come together and take an action and start to solve this problem. This is not the only major crisis occurring in today’s society there is hunger and poverty taking place in third world countries. The United States I believe is one country that has the most power to help solve these issues which are worsening by the minute.

Some ways to become globally engaged are to attend culture events in your community, study abroad, what a foreign film, eat out at an international restaurant and to volunteer at an international service organization.

I believe that global engagement helps produce growth of a country and each individual country can benefit from this. Over the past years that has been a lot of growth and I think the main reason for that being is global engagement. I also think that global engagement helps provide new opportunities for those you may not have got to experience them before. Lastly I think global engagement can promote new ideas by learning from other countries and using there thoughts and ideas to better ours.

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