Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Before this lesson I thought entrepreneurship was only related to money. But this module taught me that it is much more than business and money. Entrepreneurship is the act of “creating new ventures that generate and capture value by realizing opportunities through creativity, innovation, knowledge, skill and passion while assembling resources and managing risks.”

Three characteristics that are very essential in an entrepreneur are to be innovation, proactive and motivated. Being innovative consists of creativity, and the want to create or produce something new. If there were not entrepreneurs who had this characteristic the world would be far behind in technology and we would not have half of the resources we have now. Proactive is also very important in an entrepreneur because they are always thinking ahead and making sure they have enough time to complete what they need to accomplish. Lastly entrepreneurs are very motivated, if they did not have this trait we would be lacking essential elements we now have today.

As stated above I thought entrepreneurship was all about money. But I was very wrong. There are organizations that are non-profit and there entrepreneurs that are not just in the business for money. For example a politician is an example of an entrepreneur that is not looking just for money; they in fact are looking for your vote or the publics’ recognition. Entrepreneurs can be found in athletics, politics, architecture, sciences, the arts, social justice and business. With out entrepreneurs here in the United States we would not have all the things we take advantage of like the internet, electricity, your car and many more.

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